My Name is Antonio Buehler

Hello, I’m Antonio Buehler, America’s most important liberal activist.

Some have called me a Messiah, and while I must preserve that title for Allah, (PBUH) I’m pretty close. I travel the internet all day, fighting for social justice. Whenever I see something oppressive, I report it to the proper authorities, because the only way we can have freedom, is if all opposition has been silenced.

This is no small task we have before us, and I ask you to join me in stopping the oppressors from spreading disagreeable ideas. That is why I have created this website, for you to follow me, and do what I say. Obedience is the only true path to freedom, so all opposing comments will be deleted and reported to the proper authorities.



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  • lovethis

    I love this. At first I thought it was real but then I realized this is a spoof. It is awesome. Antonio Bugleblower is such a douche. Keep up the good work. I’m sure he has seen this.

  • RothbardLover

    I used to be on Antonio’s side until he flipped out and reported everyone for naughty language and mean jokes.


    I’m a Cantwell man now! Hope this website stays active and this liberal moron is exposed!

  • gary popkin

    “If you would be free then do as you are told.” Maxwell Anderson