Valentine’s Day Is Rape

Today is Valentine’s Day. I wanted to write about this earlier, but I had been unable to do so, as I spent most of the day crying. Now, completely out of tears I will tell you the truth about this horrific capitalist holiday…

urarapistValentine’s Day surely purports to be a day of love and romance, and sure, many people will express it that way. The truth of the matter is far uglier though. Valentine’s Day subjugates women, by cementing their status in society as the property of men under patriarchy. He may buy her gifts, but what is that really, besides wage slavery? He may buy her drinks, in an effort to get her drunk so he can take advantage of her. He may tell her nice things, compliment her eyes, or her hair, but all he really wants to do is violate her.

Aside from being a greedy capitalist scam to sell greeting cards, chocolates, and condoms, this is nothing more than another clever ruse by the patriarchal hierarchy to make objects of women. To make them property. To make them subordinate sex objects. Since property cannot consent to sex, every sex act committed today will be a rape, because as we know, all sex is rape.

And all you white men in your interracial relationships, don’t think you’re fooling anybody. We know that you are racist, and that’s why you are raping that woman of color.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • Angie Cuzzalini

    For having such intragender insight and understanding, you’ll be the man who gets reported last.