Economics is Rape

I saw this horrible video today talking about the economics of sex. The evil of the patriarchy is never ending. First, women were oppressed by the patriarchy, by forcing them to wait until marriage for sex. Now, the patriarchy uses supply and demand to oppress women.

The video makes the claim that feminism and birth control have lowered the “price” of sex, by making it more readily available to men. This decrease in the “price” of sex has left women without sex as a bargaining chip for marriage.

First of all, discussion of economics and sex reduces all women to prostitutes. Sex has nothing to do with economics. To say otherwise is to be a rapist. Women should get whatever they want, regardless of supply and demand. Women should make all decisions regarding love and sex and marriage, and men should have no say in the matter.

Secondly, the people who made this video are racist homophobes, I know that’s true because I feel that way, no further evidence is required.

Last but not least, everyone who disagrees with me on this is a coward and an idiot, obviously.