Stop Lying About The Civil War!

Liberty movement bigots are saying that the civil war was not about slavery! This is total bullshit! Lincoln freed the slaves, and anybody who says otherwise is a racist!

If you hate black people so much, why don’t you just move to Somalia?

This is why people should trust me with the education of their children. I started Buehler Education as a way to teach children how straight white males are destroying the planet with their racism, sexism, homophobia, and rape culture. Buehler Education will teach your children how to kill whitey. Buehler Education will teach your children real math, instead of that 2+2=4 stupidity they have been told by public school. I will use my experience in public school, the military, and establishment approved universities, as well as countless hours spent on Facebook and listening to Alex Jones, to teach your children how to achieve true amazonian masterhood, and black supremacy.