Welcome to the Team, Larken Rose

Antonio Buehler Larken Rose Josie the Outlaw

Antonio Buehler Larken Rose Josie the Outlaw

With his repeated advocacy of violence against our misled saviors, the State, I thought there was little hope for the YouTube personality known as Larken Rose, and his protege, Josie the Outlaw. Recently however, the duo have joined forces to attack the greatest evil the internet has ever known, the racist, homophobic, misogynist, classist, ableist, ageist, cis gendered white male capitalist, Christopher Cantwell.

Cantwell has shown how much he hates the female gender by attacking the political beliefs of a rape victim. Obviously, saying anything bad about any woman, is the same thing as advocating sex slavery and wife beating. To criticize a rape victim is far worse, no matter the criticism, a rape victim is above reproach on the status of her victimhood. 

Victims are the most important people in our society. We should all strive to be victims, because the only alternative is victimizer. Victimhood teaches us the important lesson that we are not important as individuals, it is the society that matters. It teaches us that our victimizers are not ultimately responsible for their actions, but the society is.

The victimizers are selfish capitalist pigs who perpetuate wage slavery, rape culture, and the patriarchy. In a way, you can almost feel bad for the victimizers too. It is only because they haven’t known the joy of victimhood, that they continue on fighting for individual responsibility and accountability. This frustrating cycle of ignoring the obvious benefits of collectivizing all things must be exhausting for them, and we can only hope that someday they too find the benefits of victimhood.

But until then, they are the enemy. So kudos to you Larken Rose, welcome to the fight for social justice. I think you will make a valuable ally in the years to come. More importantly though, I want this to be a message of hope to my fellow social justice warriors, and a warning to you greedy individualists out there.

Nobody is beyond our grasp. Our weapon is guilt, and it knows no armor it cannot penetrate. We will take your leaders and your followers one by one until nobody is left, and egalitarianism will ultimately prevail. Resistance is futile, all will be assimilated.


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Be Careful Who You Criticize

Be Careful Who You Criticize